About Us

We produce socks and clothes with our latest technology machines, along with a range of rich color options and varietie. Although our company was newly established, the story of our founders goes back thirty years.It is a manufacturer and exporter company in women’s, men’s, children’s and baby’s socks and clothes with production capacity of 3.000.000 pairs per month. The most important principle is to present the latest technology and fully equipped capacity to the best, to fulfill the customers’ requests and to follow fashion and models regularly.We provide efficient service in accordance with export standards, integrating with production, packaging, toe stitching, warehouse and management departments.

We have always been able to provide service with the principle of “local and quality products” and we have always been able to translate our journey from the very first day of production. The production of children’s, men’s and women’s socks is a professional team work that carries the excitement of doing their jobs well and at every stage of production, which makes us always open to dynamic and innovative.

We are happy to offer this service to you …


To provide our customers with the best quality and shortest customer satisfaction principle,Paying attention to the use of resources; protecting natural life and ecological values, To provide trainings on Occupational Health and Work Safety and to provide continuous improvement,Supporting the social and cultural development of our employees, while fulfilling legal obligations, It is to strengthen our position especially abroad by acting with the principle of continuous development

Our Abilities

To keep the customer satisfaction at the highest level, to develop new products that pay attention to human health and to become a pioneering company in his field for the near future.To be a company that develops open, innovative and specialized socks,To ensure a healthy, happy and productive work environment by keeping employee satisfaction at the highest level.